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While many projects in the state parks and forests are funded and supported by foundations created to support a single park, the statewide West Virginia State Parks Foundation has provided funding and support for projects in parks that don't have their own foundation. 

This page provides information about some of the projects the statewide Foundation has funded. The approximate costs are shown in parenthesis.  ("SP" in the list is State Park and "SF" is State Forest) .


Blackwater Falls SP: ($3,900) Purchase of seeds, audio/visual equipment, and a water-filling station for the Nature Center.

Coopers Rock SF: ($3,380) Purchase and install two memorial benches


Audra SP: ($2,100)  Purchase lumber for picnic tables, a new chain saw, and a heated light for the bathhouse.

Coopers Rock SF: ($1,550)  Purchase  memorial benches and plaques that were placed in the Forest.

Blackwater Falls SP: ($8,600)  Purchase updated displays and game charts for the Nature Center.


Audra SP: ($1,500) Purchase of hand dryers for the bath houses, tools, a leaf blower, and lumber for various projects.

Coopers Rock SF: ($1,250) Assisted with the purchase of a park bench to be placed in Forest.


Audra SP: ($1,300) Porch furniture and a new leaf blower.

Coopers Rock SF: ($1,100) Memorial bench and plaque.

Lost River SP: ($40) Support for interpretative programming.

Chief Logan SP: ($14,500) Additional energy-saving lighting upgrades.


Audra SP: ($580) Fire rings, speed bumps, and hand dryers were purchased.

Blackwater Falls SP: ($14,000) Upgrades and equipment for the nature center were purchased.

Carnifex Ferry Battlefield SP: ($4,800) Plumbing and water system upgrades were purchased

Greenbrier SF: ($11,400) A utility vehicle was purchased to facilitate trail maintenance.

Lost River SP: ($650) Fire rings and nature program supplies were purchased.

Pipestem SP: ($10,600) Carpeting for the Park's lodge was purchased.

Pipestem SP: ($5,800)  More energy-saving lighting upgrades were purchased.

Chief Logan SP: ($18,900) Energy-saving lighting upgrades were purchased with a large grant.


Bluestone SP: ($22,380) The Park's Fisherman's Lodge was refurbished.

Blackwater Falls SP: ($19,600)  The Park's nature center was upgraded.  A new swing set was purchased for the Park's playground.

Coopers Rock SF: ($875) A memorial bench was purchased.

Canaan Valley SP: ($1,200) Stumps were removed from the Park's new hang gliding launch site.

Holly River SP: ($6,000 Swimming pool equipment and a new gas grill were purchased.

Pipestem SP: ($146,000) Major energy-saving lighting upgrades and recycling equipment were purchased with funds from a large grant.

Pipestem SP: ($9,200)  Shades for the Park's lodge and a "Handibot" machine were purchased.


Tygart Lake SP: ($2,860)  Funding for completion and equipping the Park's nature center

Greenbrier SF: ($1,800)  The Foundation paid part of the cost of repairing damage after a severe storm
Blackwater Falls Disc Golf Course:
($6,200)  An 18 "hole" disc golf course was constructed with funds from a large bequest.

Canaan Valley SP Hang Gliding Launch Point:
($4,900)  A launch area for hang gliders also serves as an overlook for tourists riding the Park's chair lift to the top of the mountain.  Funding was through a grant from a nonprofit hang gliding foundation.


Tygart Lake Nature Center: ($26,000)  A new nature center was funded with money from the same large bequest that paid for part of the Park's nature-themed playground (see previous item).

Greenbrier SF Trail Construction: ($32,000)  The Foundation received a large grant from another nonprofit foundation to  construct several miles of new hiking trails in the Forest. 


Tygart Lake SP Nature-themed Playground:
($42,000)  A new nature-themed playground was constructed with funding  from an individual's large donation designated for the project, a Park System matching grant, and a portion of a very large bequest that is to provide upgrades in three designated parks.

Audra SP Campground Electric Hookups: ($3,000)  The Foundation received a grant from Barbour County to pay for the installation of several electric hookup pedestals in the Park's campground.

Laurel Lakes WMA tools: 
($400)  Individual donations funded the purchase of several new tools for the maintenance staff in the Laurel Lakes Wildlife Management Area.


Laurel Lakes SP Playground Equipment
: ($4,500)   New Playground equipment was purchased with funds from a large corporate grant.
Greenbrier SF Storm Damage Repair: ($12,000)  The 2012 derecho that swept through the state caused major damage in the Forest.  Foundation funds totaling $6,000 were matched with a $6,000 grant from the Park System and paid for clearing and repairing much of the damage.


Watters Smith Memorial SP Bike Wash:
($500)  An individual Park user donated the cost of a new bike wash to allow bicycles to be washed after a muddy trail ride.

2011 and earlier

Lost River SP New Furniture: (2011, $2,300)  New furniture was purchased to replace worn and damaged pieces in some of the Park's cabins.

Blackwater Falls SP Playground Equipment: (2010, $1,400)  Playground equipment was purchased with funds donated by numerous individuals in memory of a child who died.

Greenbrier SF Disc Golf Course:
(2009-11, $5,000) Construction of a disc golf course was funded with a variety of individual and moderate size corporate grants.

Panther SP Playground Equipment:
(2008, $5,000) A Large corporate grant paid for new playground equipment in the Park.

Bluestone SP Message Center:
(2008, $800)  A number of small memorial donations were used to purchase a new weatherproof message board for the Park's campground.

Coopers Rock SF Water Fountain:
(2007, $1,700)  An individual paid for the purchase and installation of a new handicap-accessible water fountain in the Forest.

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